Evaluate Webinar:
Tricky Terrain: Navigating the Pharma Investment Landscape
Tuesday 28 June | 3pm BST | 10am EDT
2022 got off to an uncertain start for the biopharma industry. The macro-economic outlook is looking increasingly grim, with inflation and interest rates on the up. We have a continuing bear market, slow M&A activity and a very uncertain geo-political climate, so where will the investment opportunities will come from?

If it were easy, it wouldn't be so much fun (or indeed so potentially lucrative).
In this webinar, Evaluate's Paul Verdin and Cem Baydar will be joined by guest speaker Özgür Tuncer, Investment Partner at Ascension Life Fund, to address the key challenges facing biopharma and answer the big questions on investors' lips.
Discussion Topics:
  • Where are the safe havens in uncertain times?
  • Has the IPO window slammed shut?
  • How much longer will venture funding remain the bright spot?
  • How can the investment community effectively prioritise early stage investments?
Expert Speakers:
Özgür Tuncer
Özgür Tuncer,
Investment Partner, Ascension Life Fund
Cem Baydar
Cem Baydar,
Chief Consulting Officer, Evaluate
Paul Verdin
Paul Verdin,
VP, Head of Consulting and Analytics, Evaluate
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