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After a hopeful start in M&A for the year, did Q3 keep up the pace or change gears? Venture financing has seen a shift, and the IPO window appears to be nudging open. But are companies actually benefiting from these moves?
Check out our latest quarterly infographic to uncover the Q3 story. Was it more of the same, or were there some surprises?

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Alex Bour, Ph.D, Practice Lead, CI Intelligence

Alex Bour
Alex is a career competitive intelligence professional with about 13 years' experience in academia and consulting. In his role as CI Practice Area Lead, Alex brings his depth and breadth of practice and disease area expertise, with a sharp focus on contextualising competitive analyses that drive impactful action for our clients. Alex believes competitiveness is a mindset and has organised his team of consultants to always look beyond the surface level implications and ensure that we are unearthing new insights and perspectives to share with our clients. Alex and his team are pioneering the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, powered by Norstella's suite of drug and healthcare data to deliver customised and easily accessible news event summaries and analytics in a timely manner to clients.

Alex holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University College London.

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