Transform how you analyse drug development risk

With the most accurate and transparent insight into a product’s likelihood of approval.

EvaluatePharma Vision’s new enhancement, Product Specific PTRS, gives you a unique view of the likelihood of approval for any NME or NDA product across every stage of the development process.

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In addition, other valuable new EvaluatePharma Vision enhancements include the ability to quickly identify products expected to be first to market; tailored views of the R&D pipeline through interactive visualizations; and the first comprehensive analysis of R&D trial costs based on real world data.

Don’t just know pharma, Evaluate it.

Product Specific PTRS

Combining the power of machine learning with Evaluate’s renowned analytical approach, Product Specific PTRS (probability of technical and regulatory success) enables you to identify the products predicted to reach the market and achieve the greatest returns.

What’s more, the transparent nature of the system means that you can identify the exact attributes that are improving or degrading the risk profile of a product, and see how they rank for importance.

EvaluatePharma Vision drives business growth and profitability

  • Significantly improve your accuracy in predicting which products will be approved and successful
  • Optimise budget and resource use by identifying high risk products early in the development process
  • Make informed predictions on product potential even when there are no previous approvals in its therapy area
  • Understand the predictive power of key attributes, ranked by importance, and how each contributes to the success of a specific product
  • Uncover how advantageous it is to be first to market in an MoA
  • Discover where the industry or competitors are concentrating investment 

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Who can benefit from EvaluatePharma Vision?

EvaluatePharma Vision offers a unique view of the risk and reward of the R&D landscape that’s valued by everyone from the top 25 global pharma companies to growing biotechs or medtechs, to leading investment banks and smaller management consultancies.

How is EvaluatePharma Vision connected to EvaluatePharma?

EvaluatePharma Vision is fully integrated with EvaluatePharma, so you can view all of the R&D risk and reward metrics available alongside market leading consensus forecasts in a single view.

What does PTRS mean?

Probability of technical and regulatory success is also known as the likelihood of approval and is the probability of a product achieving FDA approval from its current phase, based on the individual probabilities of progressing through each stage of development.

Why is product specific PTRS unique?

EvaluatePharma Vision’s Product Specific PTRS covers 9,500+ NME & NDA drug R&D programs and is the only transparent product specific success rate model, providing unique insight into the predictive power of individual risk attributes, enabling differentiated decision making.