Illiquid Gold: Creative Dealmaking in Biotech
Wednesday 16 November, 3:00pm GMT | 10:00am EST
Q3 is behind us and 2023 is approaching, both with uncertainties and opportunities. While a pretty brutal market correction has made for a rough ride in biotech, the fundamentals of the industry remain strong. However, this doesn't mean that dealmaking is straightforward (was it ever?). Big pharma and biotech alike need to look at ways to get creative in a fundamentally strong but technically very volatile market.
In this webinar, Cem Baydar and Paul Verdin from Evaluate will sit down with Ali Pashazadeh, Max Baumann, and Mark Mayhew from Treehill Partners to unpick the state of play and look for smart ways to get investment and deals moving as we head into 2023.

Pipeline pitfalls to avoid:

  • The latest IPO, M&A, and share price data and how this impacts the industry.
  • What's holding things up and who might have to blink first in making deals big pharma or small biotech?
  • What creative approaches are dealmakers using to make deals more palatable for players on both sides of the table?

Your Hosts:

Cem Baydar
Cem Baydar,
Chief Consulting Officer, Evaluate
Paul Verdin
Paul Verdin,
VP, Head of Consulting and Analytics, Evaluate
Ali Pashazadeh, Max Baumann, and Mark Mayhew