2024 Preview Webinar

Wednesday 31st January 3pm GMT | 10am EST

The biopharma sector spent much of 2023 bracing for investor confidence to hit rock bottom. Come October, it felt like these fears had been realised.

Heading into 2024, however, are we seeing hints of an upturn? With global interest rates seemingly maxing out a critical factor for this cash-hungry sector, the tide may be starting to turn.

Caution remains the watchword, though: the economic landscape is still shaky at best and a smooth, swift recovery remains a long shot.

Join this webinar for insights on:

  • The drugs and companies driving top line growth
  • Hotly anticipated launches
  • Major players in R&D investment
  • Likely FDA approvals
  • Money, markets and M&A

Your Hosts:

Melody Marden
Melody Marden,
VP Custom Solutions, Evaluate
Daniel Chancellor
Daniel Chancellor,
Director, Thought Leadership, Consulting & Analytics, Norstella
Tzs Tsang
Dr Tsz Tsang,
Global Delivery Lead Consulting & Analytics, Evaluate